Industrial chemicals: Used in the manufacturing of dyes, ceramics, plastics, petroleum additives, rubber, paper, and countless other products. In fact, industrial salt comprises over 60 % of total usage in the industry.

Industrial SaltFeed: Both human and animal salt is essential in our chemical makeup. Sodium chloride plays an integral part in insuring our bodies receive vital nutrients.

There are numerous industrial uses and applications for salt that can be found in every aspect of our everyday life. Examples of usage can be seen in agriculture, food, health, cosmetics. As you can see, salt occupies an important role in our lives.

We are involved in providing excellent grade range of products from our facility in Pakistan. We are appreciated amidst the celebrated names in the sphere of providing exclusive range that includes Industrial Salt.



Compass Minerals is a major producer and supplier of dry rock salt to the chlor-alkali and chlorate industries, which provide products for PVC, water filtration, bleach, and pulp and paper production. We’re dedicated to providing superior quality salt cost effectively, with production facilities strategically located throughout the country to provide rapid and reliable delivery.




We also produce industrial salts from evaporated, solar and rock salt in every shape and size to meet a wide array of industrial needs. With salt used in thousands of industrial applications, from fixing dyes to removing impurities in metal, our ability to meet your individual requirements and service expectations sets us apart from our competitors.