Hub-Pak specializes in manufacturing Edible Salt. Our Hub Salt Iodized salt is used in various food related industries like bread making, confectionary, cereals, bakery, spices, pickles, cheese and etc. Hub-Pak vision is to be world class leader in the field of salt manufacturing, our products offered to our customers meets the standard quality and hygiene principles.

Iodized salt has many benefits. An estimated 20 million people reside in endemic guiros areas in Pakistan. These people can be victims of Goiter and suffer from different forms on Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD), unless they take precautions. Iodized salt is used for the prevention of Goiter. Goiter can lead to mental retardation, which has a negative effect on one’s performance. Using iodized salt is considered the easiest and cheapest means for the supplementation of Iodine. Hub Salt’s iodized salt is continuously satisfying our customer requirements.

Its is 100% pure food salt in Pakistan and is unique in its quality and with excellent taste. Along with amazing taste, it has numerous health benefits. It serves as a prevention of goiter and is the cheapest means of iodine supplementation.